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Job applications suck and are always too long! When filling it out, you never have all the necessary information, and you feel rushed. Trying to get it done quickly and turned in on time always includes stress!
Now imagine doing the same thing over and over again… for an application and background packet that can easily be 25 pages long. You're most likely going to feel miserable.


You will also get a formatted Excel Spreadsheet that you can use to keep track of open applications with departments as well as those you have not moved forward with. This helps you as you apply to agencies as well as identifying areas that may be holding you back.

Need to add something or make adjustments? 
No problem. Since you can fill this out before applying, you can ensure that the information you are entering is accurate. We're talking about your job history, criminal records, driving history, and educational background.

Most people don't realize that as they are submitting inaccurate applications. Then they disclose subtle but different things during the polygraph and background interview. When this happens, an applicant enters a situation where they have to explain whether they were careless with their application, were they being deceptive then, or are they lying now. In reality, most applicants just could not remember what they submitted on their packets.

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Ultimate Application and Background Packet
With the Ultimate Application and Background Packet, you can review the information before you go to your polygraph exam or background interview. You have consistency…as long as you were honest and accurate in the beginning. 
This works by purchasing the downloadable PDF, filling it out accurately, and gathering all the supporting documents you may need. When you submit an application with a department, it's generally going to be online these days. All you need to do is copy from the PDF and paste it into the appropriate fields in the online application. And you're done. That's the beauty of this, and that's how simple life will your life will be!

Or you can spend up to an hour on an application for each department you apply with. If your time is valuable or if your peace of mind is vital to you. You need this packet! 
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